Who Is Sarah Palin?

The next Vice President of the United States.

America turns its attention to the natural resources of Alaska.


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12 Responses to Who Is Sarah Palin?

  1. Doug Geivett says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I know you’re not amazed, and you know we’re not all idiots. I think if you and I disagree, it most likely comes down to ideology. At any rate, I think you may have missed the points that were being made here about Sarah Palin. You got the man you wanted in office. He has to please you, not me. Let me know how it goes.


  2. Lisa Freeman says:

    Wow! I am amazed at how fast you folded up the tent once the moron from Wasilla opened her mouth. HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHAHAH! And you wanted her to be VP? You idiots amaze me. Let me guess: you also voted for Bush twice? We don’t need stupid people running our government. Thank God intelligent Americans chose the right person.


  3. Lisa Freeman says:

    Sarah has spoken! WHAT NOW????


  4. Doug Geivett says:

    Hi Dana,

    This is great stuff. Thanks for sharing your observations. We’re definitely on the same page!

    Hmm . . . so why the cover of the “Governor’s Issue” of Vogue magazine? You’re not going to let me off the hook on this one, are you?

    Ayn Rand wrote that humor involves the juxtaposition of things that appear contradictory—even if they’re not. I thought the cover of Vogue, picturing Sarah Palin in what is apparently a recent and posed shot, had that quality. I didn’t want to elaborate because I was interested in how people would respond.

    The picture and its context has multiple layers of ironic significance, especially since Barack Obama has been described as a political rock star.

    Have you seen my other posts about Governor Palin?

    What is your reaction to the photo (independent of my use of the photo in this post)?


  5. Dana Bort says:

    Well noted, “interesting” is a diaphanous word and at times is somewhat of a yellow flag signifying the evidence of something further, deeper and weightier. I suppose what I am wondering is that of all of the pictures and press out there on Palin, why did you choose the cover of a Vogue magazine as your initial post? You stated that your intention wasn’t to suggest that Palin doesn’t have the creds to be VP, so what was your intention in choosing a fashion magazine cover as your introduction to the topic of the identity of Sarah Palin? Subsequent posts (and pictures, I might add) have been insightful and thought-provoking with an altogether different feel than the first.

    As has been widely reported in the last few days, Palin has proven herself in the area of physical beauty as a former Miss Alaska contestant and she has also accomplished quite a feat by becoming the first female governor of Alaska, adding to that now the first female GOP VP nominee. Unfortunately Palin’s physical appeal gives some unscrupulous talking heads reason to dismiss her, going so far as to refer to her looks as those of a “naughty librarian” who you might chance to see in a porn film. Caving to common caricatures which remain prevalent in our day, a woman is either gorgeous and shallow, or frumpy and intelligent. Could it be that Palin’s quest is even more heightened because she combats both of these oversimplified perceptions?

    With regards to the rampant recklessness of the use of “inexperience”, I concur. Whereas a comparison of the tallies of the work hours put in by Palin vs. Obama might be telling (does she get any extra points for being pregnant and having a baby while in office?), the record of accomplishment (or lack thereof) speaks loud and clear and cannot be ignored. Experience alone does not render one effective nor qualified as one can commit a vast amount of time doing something and still be poor at it. As with many words so casually used by the media without being clarified (personhood, change, etc.) some explanation as to what is meant by “experience” would be most helpful. And as has also been duly noted, executive experience is substantially different from legislative experience particularly in light of the prize at the end of the race.


  6. annemprice says:

    You’re right about one thing, though – opponents of theocracy do shudder. We’re not all quite as ready for Rapture as Sarah, who would be in a position to help that process along.

    That does make me shudder. I believe in God but that doesn’t mean I’d like to meet him just yet.


  7. annemprice says:

    Inexperience is perhaps the wrong word. Lack of qualifications might be more suitable. She freely admits she hasn’t even thought about the Iraq war, much less gone to Iraq. Intellectual curiosity doesn’t seem her strong suit.

    I could be wrong. We shall see. She’s probably been fed her lines and digested them quite well in the past several months, and will go out of her way to mask her true theocratic beliefs.


  8. Doug Geivett says:

    Hi Dana,

    Great to have you visit and comment!

    As someone who loves philosophy, you know how diaphanous that word “interesting” is. Now you’ve got me curious. What did you think of the post?

    I can tell you my intention was not to suggest that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the creds to be VP. This afternoon I wrote another item that I’ll post if the OC Register doesn’t pick it up for their Commentary section. I’ve titled it “The Irony of the Ecstasy.”

    Last week I watched online video interviews between between Palin and prominent broadcast journalists because I suspected that she was being considered by McCain. I liked what she had to say, especially about her pro-drilling energy philosophy. But I thought her youth and comparative inexperience probably meant she wouldn’t be selected. Of course, I was comparing her with McCain, not with Obama.

    This word “inexperience” is being thrown around with too much recklessness. It certainly looks to me like Obama is shorter on relevant experience than Palin. I frankly believe that Obama is naive about the responsibilities of the Presidency and cavalier about the challenges of governing a great nation. It’s been suggested by many that he exudes arrogance. I would say it’s clear he enjoys the rock-star image and seems to believe he’s entitled to be the next President.

    I don’t think Palin has these liabilities. The evidence that has so far been sifted by a flabbergasted media suggests that Palin has substance and will be very direct about what she believes is best for this country, with very specific proposals (though she’ll have to follow McCain’s lead on this).

    Palin’s approval rating in Alaska is in the 90s! Around 85,000 people showed up for Obama’s speech in Denver last night. But that’s not going to translate into runaway support for Obama during this contest.

    Palin’s level of experience should be measured using an appropriate calculus. Her age shouldn’t be too great a factor. Someone should tally the hours Palin has spent at her desk, in committee, and otherwise on the job she was elected to perform, and compare that with Obama’s tally. Rather than dismissing her because she’s only been governor of an unpopulated state for a couple years, we should find out how much she’s accomplished in such a compressed time period. By all accounts, her achievements have been stunning, unmatched by countless governors who’ve served far longer. That’s impressive.

    If McCain and Palin win the election, Palin is going to be tutored in the highest level skills in statesmanship by a team of specialists, without, I would hope, losing her own instincts for gritty leadership. I suspect opponents of the GOP ticket shudder at the prospect of facing a Sarah Palin candidate for the Presidency four or eight years from now.

    Thanks for the good wishes for my sabbatical!


  9. Dana Bort says:

    Interesting choice for your post highlighting McCain’s selection for VP. As one who loves philosophy and values the mind, I’m curious to know your thoughts about her accomplishments, positions and achievements both personally and professionally.

    Also, Dobson was interviewed by Sean Hannity & Alan Colmes this evening and clarified his reasons for changing his position. It was an informative interview and I thought he was forthright and honest in his answers.

    By the way, I hope you enjoy your sabbatical this semester.


  10. Doug Geivett says:

    Hi Fernando,

    Yes, this is a reversal for James Dobson. Several months ago he stated, unequivocally it seemed, that he would not vote in this election because of his disappointment in the presumptive Republican nominee.


  11. Fernando Velasquez says:

    The AP news wire just reported that Jame Dobson, upon seeing Palin on the ticket, would be inclined to enter the booth and pull on his lever…


  12. Bobby Ewing says:

    You have to admit that Sarah Palin is pretty hot (remember she was in the Ms. Alaska Pageant) and MUCH BETTER on the eyes than Joe Biden. Oh and wait until you see the bikini pics!!! NOT BAD for a mother of 5.



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