Biography of Sarah Palin

Lot’s of people want to know about Sarah Palin, John McCain’s VP choice. Her biographer, Kaylene Johnson, must be pleased with the timing of her book, released in April.

Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska’s Political Establishment on Its Ear

159 pages/retails for $19.95

Books by Kalene Johnson

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2 Responses to Biography of Sarah Palin

  1. Doug Geivett says:

    Dear ChristianLiberal,

    May I ask:

    (1) What exactly does it mean to be anti-gay?

    (2) Does it matter if Palin hunts game that is then used for meals? (Are you an ethical vegetarian?)

    (3) Do you suppose it’s possible that the command, “Thou shalt not kill,” recorded in the Old Testament book of Exodus, concerns the unjustified slaying of a human person? (Could that include abortion, by any chance?)

    (4) How is Palin putting corporate profits above protection of the planet?

    (5) Might good stewardship of the earth include a judicious use of its resources for the good of humanity?

    (6) Do you know there’s a tradition of just war theory that coincides with the long history of Christianity, and may be seen to be outlined by principles in the Bible?

    (7) Is it tolerant to say to Palin, “Don’t go around telling people that Jesus is your hero”?


  2. Sarah Palin is a pro-NRA gun fanatic who likes to kill things with guns, and call it a “sport.” (Well, with any luck, she has a better aim than Dick Cheney.)

    She is vehemently anti-gay.

    She denies global warming.
    (Well, maybe that makes sense in Alaska.)

    My question: How can she call herself Christian?

    I thought Christian meant that you follow the teachings of Christ. No?!
    Killing things for “sport” when the commandment is Thou Shalt Not Kill

    Hating two people because they love each other when the commandment is
    to love one another!

    Putting corporate profits above protecting the planet when the commandment
    is that we be stewards of the earth

    Being pro-war, when the commandment is to
    hammer your swords into plowshares

    Look, if you’re a biased, intolerant war-dog who likes to shoot things,
    FINE, but don’t go around telling people that Jesus is your hero.


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