The Easy Ethics of the Liberal Left

The latest media debacle surrounding Sarah Palin’s candidacy for the Vice Presidency brings to mind the easy ethics of the Liberal Left.

First, they moralize about Sarah Palin and her daughter’s choice to have a child rather than get an abortion, and make this a center-piece of their campaign against John McCain—which is nothing short of harassment.

Second, they sponsor a pro-choice policy that has deteriorated into a pro-abortion policy. Thus, they can avoid a potential “scandal” without feeling like hypocrites. If it should become politically expedient for the child of some candidate to have an abortion, the choice would be lauded, if it was ever revealed.

There is something large at stake in the media attention devoted to Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. It sends a signal to all Americans that if they are pro-life, they run the risk of paying a high political price should they act in accordance with their principles. This is not a pro-choice message. It is a pro-abortion message.

That’s something to think about.

About Doug Geivett
University Professor; PhD in philosophy; author; conference speaker. Hobbies include motorcycling, travel, kayaking, sailing.

2 Responses to The Easy Ethics of the Liberal Left

  1. Garnet Spy says:

    I wrote about what I call The Liberal (Black) Heart in a pair of postings you may find of interest. The latest is here:


  2. k,J. Johnson says:

    Sarah Palin’s Pregnancy Plan for the Women of America

    If you are pregnant or suspected of being pregnant, you will be required by law to visit a ‘state authorized’ medical facility for confirmation of your pregnancy.

    If you are confirmed as being pregnant, the state approved medical facility will report your pregnancy to the government.

    As a confirmed pregnant female, you will be placed on a pregnancy watch list to ensure you do not take any steps to end your pregnancy for any reason including your own mental, emotional or physical health including your own death.

    If it has been determined that you might attempt to alter your pregnant condition or suspected you have already begun any such attempt, you will be immediately incarcerated in a pregnancy prison until birth is achieved either naturally or surgically. If you should die during the pregnancy period, you will be kept as a natural incubator via medical machinery until birth can be accomplished by the State.

    If it has been discovered that you have in any way possible caused the pregnancy to be ended, you will be charged with murder and, if found guilty, you will be executed.


    If you have been raped, you will be placed under 24 hour surveillance through-out your pregnancy to deter any possibility of an attempt to end the forced reminder of the violent sexual crime you have suffered.

    If you have been raped and the rape has resulted in a pregnancy and you are over the age of 7 and under the age of 13, you will be taken from your parents and placed in a State Approved Minor Victims of Rape Pregnancy facility. There you will remain until birth is achieved either naturally or surgically, where-upon you will be either returned to your parent’s custody or sent to a State approved foster home.

    All citizens are encouraged to watch for signs of possible pregnancies and report the women to which the pregnancy is suspected to State and/or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies immediately.


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