Is Joe Biden the Best Person Obama Could Have Picked as His Running-Mate?

I’m just asking because that’s the question everybody’s been asking about McCain’s choice. Most pundits say that, yes, Biden was Obama’s best option . . . AFTER passing over Hillary Clinton. The primary vote was virtually split between Obama and Clinton, and Clinton’s supporters would have been a lock for Obama. Instead, his campaign for CHANGE went for a thirty-year senator who has run for president for twenty years, and lost in the Democrat primary this year with around 7% support. Must have been Delaware and Scranton.

Does this say anything about Obama’s judgment? I’m asking those who think McCain’s choice of Palin shows poor judgment. This is, after all, a choice between two men at the top of the ticket.

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2 Responses to Is Joe Biden the Best Person Obama Could Have Picked as His Running-Mate?

  1. Doug Geivett says:

    Hillary Clinton’s supporters are not a lock for Obama. He would have had a much better chance with them if he had picked Hillary Clinton as his running-mate. That’s my point. Maybe you disagree? If so, why?

    Yes, of course, Obama did tell us what his actual reasons were for picking Biden. I don’t think he explained why he didn’t pick Clinton. If he really did pick Biden for his strengths in helping Obama lead, it doesn’t impress me as great judgment on his part. Very few Americans have though of Joe Biden as good executive branch material before.

    I don’t think we have evidence that McCain’s choice was “cursory and superficial,” and rooted in “temporary pizazz.” I don’t know why you think it was focused on electoral demographics. That’s something few have suggested. Why would you think that?


  2. drchill says:

    Why would ‘Clinton’s supporters have been a lock for Obama’?.

    This implies / assumes that Clinton supporters would automatically cast there vote for her as VP.

    What evidence is there of this?

    Also you seem to be trying to reduce – “Best choice” down to simple election math and perceived electability.

    Obama explained what his criterion was for his best choice, and it was focused on the characteristics that he thinks will help him lead.

    Evidence suggests that Palin’s choice was somewhat more cursory and superficial and temporary pizazz, focused on electoral demographics, and based on hope of getting elected, rather than being helpful in the Whitehorse.


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