A Poll for Twenty-Somethings and Thirty-Somethings

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, I invite you to participate in this poll.

As you think about common characteristics of your generation, indicate which of the following statements you agree with and which you disagree with. Please use the reply box below.

  1. “My generation is driven by our individual needs and desires, and pursuing our own individual happiness is the most important thing.”
  2. “My generation thinks it’s more important for children to learn to think for themselves than to learn to respect authority.”
  3. “Members of generation would say, ‘As long as I believe in myself, I really don’t care what other people think.’”
  4. “Probably, most of my generation would agree with this statement: ‘It doesn’t really matter if you’re a Communist or not—this is America, and you can be one if you want.’”
  5. “My generation thinks that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”
  6. “Older generations trusted God, the church, government, and their elders. My generation questions things and people that earlier generations never would have.”
  7. “In my generation, as opposed to my parents’ or my grandparents’, we’re told to express our feelings and anger and sadness about our surroundings and not to hold them in.”

About Doug Geivett
University Professor; PhD in philosophy; author; conference speaker. Hobbies include motorcycling, travel, kayaking, sailing.

3 Responses to A Poll for Twenty-Somethings and Thirty-Somethings

  1. Alex says:

    agree: 1, 2, 3, 7
    disagree: 5 (not ‘mind’, but ‘heart’, ‘passion’, or something similar, probably)
    difficult decision: 4 (because communism is less and less discussed and understood, so, it might not ever come up… but if it did, I can imagine 4 being said); 6, same as with 4, I doubt many would be making such comparisons, my generation is too my-generation focussed.


  2. movetheearth says:

    I agree with all seven statements. They reflect the selfishness of our “all about me” generation. We want to fly to new heights yet don’t want to stand on the towers that the church through its history of healthcare, education, science, and charity have erected. Instead of starting high and moving upward, we are at the bottom and cant seem to get enough wind to get airborne. We have literally lost our direction. We believe progressive thought entails lowering our traditional standards. Progressive should mean to move forward but we believe that moving forward “progressive” means heading downwards “lowering standards”.


  3. David says:

    #1 – Yes highly agreed.
    #2 – Absolutely. Timothy Leary said it best in his infamous “think for yourself, question authority” tape.
    #3 – I think they would say this, but not mean it. The very idea of proclaimed self-sufficiency, from a social perspective, is double-sided since the very act of making this statement may influence people to think highly of you. Indeed let me say I’m an island so lots of people will gather around me! 🙂
    #4 – Probably not most, if by “most” you mean more than half. I think some would agree.
    #5 – Probably not in general. More likely to take a more pragmatic perspective.
    #6 – Yes, definitely from kids who grew up with traditional conservative religious parents. This statement is essentially the bedrock of the emergent church movement – a bunch of twenties and thirties sitting around complaining about their parent’s religion practices and questioning their own. Ok that might get me some evil looks so I’ll add that I’m being a bit dramatic here 🙂
    #7 – Yes, self-expression is the ultimate axiom. No matter what an artist does, however absurd or even harmful to society, we must not hamper his self-expression.


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