Wall Street Journal Wisdom on Biden-Palin Debate

Jerry Seib, Executive Washington Editor at the WSJ, weighs in already with his “post-debate analysis” and comes to the following conclusion:

It was, in the end, what viewers might have expected from the man who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — much as what they got from Gov. Palin was what they were led to expect from her widely heralded speech to the Republican national convention just a few weeks ago. It was a fascinating byplay — but not necessarily one that changed many minds.

“Not necessarily one that changed many minds”? Apparently, Mr. Seib isn’t one to go out on a limb.

Does anyone else think we should expect more from a Wall Street Journal analyst?

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One Response to Wall Street Journal Wisdom on Biden-Palin Debate

  1. David says:

    Definitely not the most insightful analysis. This statement struck me as rather empty.

    “And what voters took away from the encounter in St. Louis — who they thought won or lost the encounter — probably depended a great deal on what they expected coming into it.”

    After the debate ended, I noticed the analysts seemed more interested in discussing the body language, style, and popular appeal. A far cry from the Lincoln-Douglas debates; send the audience home for a dinner break and then go at it a few more hours. 🙂


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