Suzie-Q Fears a “Palin Theocracy”

Marjorie Cohn is president of the National Lawyers Guild and professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. In September she warned of a “Palin Theocracy.” Her article was published in the online newsletter CounterPunch, which Out of Bounds Magazine calls “America’s best political newsletter.” A ringing endorsement, maybe, but who reads Out of Bounds? Who even knows about it? I suppose it’s endorsed by CounterPunch as the best magazine of its kind. But I digress.

Suzie-Q is a pro-Obama blog that posted Cohn’s article to give it greater exposure. That’s where I first came across Ms. Cohn’s alarmist piece. (DigitizedRevolution also posted the article.)

Now, I don’t have a personal beef with Suzie-Q or the CounterPunch lads, or even with Marjorie Cohn. But I would like to know what Cohn actually means by “theocracy.” She never says. Her riffs are all about Palin’s religious beliefs, her views on abortion and other social issues, and her candid talk about such things. After yesterday’s Palin interview with James Dobson, Cohn probably has more to add to her list of grievances.

But what do they amount to? Whatever she means by the term, it’s clear that Marjorie Cohn doesn’t like theocracy. Is this because theocracy is incompatible with democracy? I would have thought so. But I can’t find anything in the evidence arrayed against Palin that remotely suggests she’s undemocratic.

On the other hand, if Cohn allows that theocracy, in the sense she has in mind, actually is compatible with democracy, then what precisely is her objection to Palin’s political philosophy?

If Cohn would speak plainly on this matter we might find that she and Sarah Palin agree—that theocracy in the sense so far undefined but envisioned by Marjorie Cohn is a bad thing. Or we might find that Cohn has a very muddled view about the nature of a theocracy, and perhaps even of a democracy.

Ms. Cohn may be president of the National Lawyers Guild. But this doesn’t indemnify her against the peculiar BlogLogic that we’ve explored and exposed in other posts at this blog.

* * *

Ms. Cohn’s article is archived at her own website.

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5 Responses to Suzie-Q Fears a “Palin Theocracy”

  1. Robert Welsh Jordan says:

    Mr. Geivett thinks it to be straightforward and clear what ‘democracy’ means. You gotta be kidding–not even compared to theocracy. We are talking propaganda here; nevermind the pseudo-significant use of ‘code-word’.

    And let’s drop the right, left, and center vocabulary. Pro-plutocracy and anti-plutocracy talk makes some sense, ‘right’ and ‘left’ make little if any. When we talk about pro-plutocrats and anti-plutocrats then it becomes pretty clear that the U.S.A. is a one-party state with sham disagreements and discourse between factions: smoke and mirrors.

    After watching that circus does anyone believe that the puppeteers were gong to let anything through other than an insurance industry bonanza?


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  3. karen503 says:

    No one’s panicking or is hostile.

    They’re dumbfounded that such an incurious, egotistical opportunist with such a clear religious-fundamentalist agenda is even being talked about or interviewed after showing that she is truly at the lower end of the bell curve in almost every way.

    But they’re thankful. She proves her place on that bell curve every time she opens her mouth.

    Successful mayor and governor? You must be kidding. Nearly everything she’s done for Wasilla in 4 years and for Alaska in barely 2 years should be under state investigation if not federal investigation for fraud, tax evasion, ethics violations and harassment. It’s kind of a political tradition in Alaska. Who ever heard of a governor of a state assigning her husband to prepare cost recommendations for renovation to the gubernatorial mansion, for submission to the state legislature for budget approval. to the tune of nearly $700,000? Sarah Palin did just that. When you look at the itemization on that budget request, you wonder just how a blankety-blank pocket door replacement could cost $10,000…..


  4. Doug Geivett says:


    I think “theocracy” is code language. But Ms. Cohn has a responsibility to be more straightforward about what she means. I think as president of the Lawyer’s Guild she can understand that, and be up to it.


  5. CK says:

    Here, “theocracy” is code speak to stir a stronger opposition against Governor Palin. While I do not really believe that anyone actually thinks that a theocratic dictatorship, imposing the religious beliefs of Sarah Palin on America, would ever meaningfully pose a realistic threat of materializing, it is what Sarah Palin herself represents that has thrust the far-left into a state of panic and hostility. Almost every ounce of their collective energies have been directed at attacking Gov. Palin, predominately on the most meaningless elements of discussion. And, as in many cases, this all boils down to Abortion. While many democrats may feel inclined to argue this point, I contend that abortion continues to represent the single most important platform issue that the left espouses. These so-called “pro-women” feminist groups cannot fathom the idea of a pro-life VP woman in Washington, and their hatred is so strong that it has blinded them to denounce Palin the way they have. Never mind her accomplishments as a successful mayor and governor, or being a happily married wife of a lovely and caring husband with 5 children in their happy family…nothing she has done seems to matter much for these so-called feminists. Why? Because Sarah Palin is pro-life. This casts a clear light on the diminished capacity of these groups to exist on such a petty level. SO, they seek to scare the public by clamoring about an end to legalized abortions, etc. The reality is that Sarah Palin as a woman and irrespective of her religious and/or political beliefs, should be admired by everyone, and especially the women who have longed for recognition and advancement. Sarah is a role model.


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