Mudflats Is at It Again

The obsession with Sarah Palin continues over at Mudflats. This time the news is “Palin is Back at Work.” I guess that means she has started caring about health care for children and pregnant women. First evidence of this is that she is suddenly prepared to write more into the state budget for this purpose. Notice the  word “more,” which is not emphasized by the Mudflats Maven. The source she quotes, The Anchorage Daily News, does explicitly acknowledge that this is an “increase” in coverage.

What miffs Mudflats is that it’s too little too late, more or less. You see, there was an oil-related windfall a year ago that could have been applied to the problem. It wasn’t. Now there’s the possibility of a near-term shortfall, because of the plummeting price of oil these days. So the coverage will be hard to pay for. You understand, don’t you, that whether children and pregnant women get the health care coverage that’s just right depends on the price of oil.

I don’t know what “just right” is. Neither does the Maven. But once an expenditure is in place for anything the government pays for, it’s unusual for that expenditure to be wratcheted down later on, even if there’s no money for it. Imagine, in this case, what that would mean. “Mean” would indeed be the operative term. To take coverage away from children and pregnant women, because the state could no longer afford it—because the price of oil was down—would be mean, plain and simple.

Of course, the Mavin speculates about Palin’s reasons for the unexpected about-face. Palin’s VP candidacy brought national attention to Palin’s neglect of this sector of the Alaskan population, so now she has, under penalty of chagrin, to do something about it. And “she has plans for 2012, after all.” The Mudflats Maven knows. Maybe she does. That is, maybe she knows Palin has plans for 2012; hence, maybe Palin has plans for 2012. (I have plans for 2012, too, just for the record.)

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3 Responses to Mudflats Is at It Again

  1. sauer kraut says:

    When citizens of a state stop paying attention to the activities (or lack of activity) of their elected officials, blagojevich happens.

    If there’s a food and fuel crisis happening in Alaska, why is Palin down in DC hobnobbing with the cool people?

    If the legislature is meeting in Juneau during the 90 day legislative session, why isn’t the governor there instead of being out-of-state for a society/political even?

    Palin’s got herself a nice no-show job at a time when she ought to be paying attention to the affairs of Alaska.

    just sayin’


  2. Doug Geivett says:


    I don’t blog much about other bloggers. I’ve quoted Mudflats accurately on the 2012 forecasting. “Obsession is a mental process” doesn’t mean anything to me. I assume there’s a mental process that explains the Palin-mania at Mudflats. Isn’t compulsion mental, too? I’m clearly speculating about the “too little, too late attitude.” Implication can be strong and weak. If the Mudflats statements doesn’t entail what I speculate to be the attitude at Mudflats, that hardly means I’m mistaken and that there isn’t ample evidence to support the point. I believe the evidence is strong. But that’s not the most basic point of my post. My point is the deeper one about how a governor is supposed to earmark funding that will probably end up being a permanent expense to the state, when the specific source underwriting the earmark varies dramatically with uncontrollable vicissitudes, often from one year to the next. Any thoughts about that?


  3. DrChill says:

    Obsession is a mental process. Perhaps you mean compulsion. Compulsion involves the repeated need to act in a particular way. The compulsion to write about Palin? Considering the stated purpose of Mudflats, and the frequency of posts about Palin and not about her, I’d say you’re wrong. About obsession/compulsion.

    RE: the budget. Despite Plain’s refusal to increase the budget last year she’s doing it this year, despite the economic down turn. “Too little too late”? No. Thats neither stated nor implied.

    Wrangling about the funding for pregnant mothers? To be sure.
    Re read it and see if you don’t discover that the post is about the public perception of Alaska.

    Again AKM wonders aloud about the motivation. -“I wonder how much her decisions in the next few years will be made in consideration of that world outside.”

    >>That is, maybe she knows Palin has plans for 2012; hence, maybe Palin has plans for 2012.

    Mudflats has scooped the MSM before, so one wonders why you torture logic and try to ascribe uncertainty to her statement about Palin’s plans.
    What’s your point? Whats your evidence?

    AKM blogs about problems in the state of Alaska. Solutions too. You blog about other bloggers, an get it wrong.

    Whats up with that?


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