Neighbors in the Hood

For two days helicopters have been buzzing above our neighborhood, or more like north and to the west a little. When this happens, it’s usually either a police chopper or the media. It happens. But when it happens two days in a row, the denizens below begin to wonder what the fuss is.

Mystery solved. We have new neighbors, give or take a mile. And you’ve heard of them. I’ll give you one clue: single mother with 14 children.

This news comes courtesy of The Orange Country Register, Tuesday, March 10, 2009 (that’s today), page 6 of the “News” section—and noted on the cover as the first of “5 must-read stories you’ll find inside today’s paper.”

About Doug Geivett
University Professor; PhD in philosophy; author; conference speaker. Hobbies include motorcycling, travel, kayaking, sailing.

One Response to Neighbors in the Hood

  1. Bob Covolo says:

    Congratulations Doug! Hope it’s not in the water.


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