Has Obama Cut a Deal with FOX News?

The President’s advisors and spokespeople have publicly castigated FOX News and pronounced their verdict that FOX News doesn’t report news. Presumably, this is a calculated strategy to accomplish a certain goal. On the surface, it may seem that the goal is to discredit FOX News. But how realistic is that? Can the White House staff actually change minds about FOX in this fashion? Not likely. What’s far more likely is that more attention will be directed to FOX and that FOX will garner an even larger share of the cable media market. This has to be good news for FOX. But presidents surround themselves with smart people. Since it would have been predictable that FOX would benefit from this kind of “exposure,” you have to wonder, do “all the president’s men” (and women) have a different agenda? Are they out to promote FOX because deep down they regard FOX as an ally?

Again, you have to wonder.

About Doug Geivett
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3 Responses to Has Obama Cut a Deal with FOX News?

  1. Doug Geivett says:

    The latest is that other networks, excluding MSNBC, are coming to the defense of FOX. Some believe they’re doing this because they worry that they, too, might eventually be censored. I doubt that this is the reason. More likely, they embrace certain principles that still broadly govern the behavior of broadcast journalists.

    But there are two points to consider: (1) What do journalists and management at other networks really think about the FOX case, and (2) even if they are genuinely sympathetic with FOX’s claim to be newsy and worthy of equal treatment by the White House, why would they take steps to make this public?

    One reasonable answer to (2) is that FOX is very popular, and if the criticisms from the White House are sending more people to FOX, this is a marketing concern to other networks.


  2. Howard says:

    Maybe a harder question to answer would be; Does Fox deep down want to be an ally? If so, I’ll either have to turn off the t.v. or watch Soaps. Maybe longer walks will help!


  3. D.C. says:

    Another way to look at it is that by drawing attention to Fox News it will increase their viewers and create a more diverse segment of the public that will be privy to what goes on there. This would accomplish the goal of turning more attention to what they are doing and in turn lend itself to more activism to make sure that Fox News provides a more neutral perspective.

    Just an idea. I like that you have tackled this from a different perspective though, as I think all things should be approached this way.


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