No Surprise that Post-War Iraq Was Not Planned During Run-Up

Today the BBC reports that a senior British officer, Major General Tim Cross, had urged the UK and the U.S. to plan more thoroughly for post-war Iraq before entering the war. Cross is quoted as saying to then Prime Minister, Tony Blair:

“I do remember saying, in so many words, I have no doubt at all that we will win this military campaign. I do not believe that we are ready for post-war Iraq.”

Who can deny that he was right, and that we should have been better prepared? Read more of this post

Best Books in Systematic Theology

Everyone should read some Christian theology. And the first thing to read is a systematic theology, that is, a work that treats all the major doctrines of Christian theology in systematic fashion. (This used to be called “Dogmatic Theology.”)

Recently I’ve been reading E. A. Litton’s 19th-century volume Introduction to Dogmatic Theology. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Litton to any serious reader who has time or shelf space for only one volume of systematic theology.

Here are my recommendations for different categories. Read more of this post

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