Don’t Fool Yourself

If you think you don’t need to read this book, you’re probably fooling yourself. I Told Me So: Self-Deception and the Christian Life—by my friend and colleague, Gregg Ten Elshof—may get you thinking about all those people you know who deceive themselves. It should be obvious that that’s not the goal of the book. But because what Gregg says in his book is so on target, I’m afraid it won’t be obvious to everyone.

Forward by Dallas Willard. For more details on this new title, click here for the Amazon description.

About Doug Geivett
University Professor; PhD in philosophy; author; conference speaker. Hobbies include motorcycling, travel, kayaking, sailing.

One Response to Don’t Fool Yourself

  1. Phil Watson says:


    I recently read Greg’s book and found it extremely compelling. Understanding my beliefs better and looking at many of the things I say I believe and determine if I may be deceiving myself has been extremely helpful. After I finished it I picked up Willard’s Spirit of the Disciplines and have been helped out tremendously in regards to the role of the body within my spiritual development. I am glad to see that you read it and would be very interested if you had a critique of it.


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