iPhone App: Gas Cubby

An iphone application that I now use frequently is Gas Cubby 2.1. This app is convenient for tracking fuel consumption and maintenance for any number of vehicles. Records can be synced for computer backup. Entries can be sorted by date or cost amount, in ascending or descending order.

MPG can be recorded using US, UK, Canada, or Imperial standards. Fuel usage can also be measured in liters, by miles or kilometers.

Vehicle set-up is simple. A separate file is created for each vehicle, including VIN, plate number, insurance policy, year, make and model, tire size and pressure. Oil changes, windshield wiper replacements, and battery installations, for example, are recorded by their dates on the vehicle information “page.”

Entries are recorded in two main categories: fuel and service (or maintenance). For each entry there are fields to complete as desired. Fuel consumption for each re-fill is calculated automatically and cumulatively. Entries for service or maintenance permit recording of date, odometer reading, cost, a checklist of service items (which can be customized), location where service was done, tags, payment type, and any notes that might be useful for future reference. Once the data is entered, a clean page is created showing all the data in a neat and well-organized format.

The application also permits easy searches for specific items or categories of items. Gas Cubby supports service reminders, with the option of showing badges for these.

This is an all-purpose record-keeping app for the automobile owner or operator. After reviewing several applications, and experimenting with stand-alone fuel usage apps, this is the app I’ve settled on and recommend to others.

A complete user manual is available online. For full details, go here.

See also Trip Cubby, app for recording mileage.

About Doug Geivett
University Professor; PhD in philosophy; author; conference speaker. Hobbies include motorcycling, travel, kayaking, sailing.

One Response to iPhone App: Gas Cubby

  1. Paul W. | 10.15.08
    My last 5 fill-ups in my ’95 Maxima showed an increase in mileage from around 28 MPG to and average of 31 MPG. The car (original engine) has 401,600 miles on it and the idle is smoother and the engine seems quieter than it has been in years.


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