I Shop Where Tom Cruise Shops

The largest seller of Triumph motorcycles in the U.S. is less than one mile from my house. Driving down Lambert in Brea and seeing the Triumph and Ducati bikes on display always activates my salivary glands something fierce.

I stopped in the other day and asked if they’d had a recent uptick in sales of red Ducatis. I was half serious. My daughter and I had just seen the movie Knight and Day, with a great action sequence involving Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on a red Ducati. Alternately fleeing and chasing, with guns blazing, Cruise and Diaz navigate the streets of an exotic European city. I was curious whether the biking bug had bitten other viewers and compelled them to check out the merchandise at the local shop.

I learned that the actual bike used in the film had been displayed at the shop within the past few weeks. It was trimmed out with the tape they use to shoot special effects for motorcycle sequences. I also learned that Tom Cruise has shopped for his own bikes there.

So far, my “shopping” at the local dealer has been restricted to window shopping. I have a bike to keep me for the time being. But I have a feeling I’ll be pulling the trigger eventually. The last thing I need right now is a sport bike; so Ducati isn’t a likely bet. But there are some very tempting cruiser-styled Triumphs out there. And I like it that they’re not as prevalent as the Harley Davidsons. The local store also specializes in Victory bikes. Some of them are very eye-catching.

Southern California Triumph, Ducati, and Victory

By the way, I recommend the movie Knight and Day. It’s just plain fun. And if you can watch without wanting to get your own mount, then you probably aren’t a candidate for motorcyle fandom.

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University Professor; PhD in philosophy; author; conference speaker. Hobbies include motorcycling, travel, kayaking, sailing.

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