Interview with Brian Auten

I was interviewed recently by Brian Auten. Most of Brian’s questions concern the topic of miracles. Today Brian has posted this audio interview at his website and can be heard here.

Doug’s other posts on the subject of miracles:

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2 Responses to Interview with Brian Auten

  1. Doug Geivett says:

    Hi Rich!

    I’m glad to know of your interest in Stuart Hackett’s work. More apologists and skeptics should read his books, The Resurrection of Theism and The Reconstruction of the Christian Revelation Claim. He also has a book on Eastern philosophy called Oriental Philosophy.

    I recommend especially The Reconstruction of the Christian Revelation Claim. It’s the most substantive contemporary text on the subject. Thankfully, it’s back in print!

    It’s true, Hackett’s prose style is complex. (I heard once that a student of his memorized The Resurrection of Theism word for word so as to get all the arguments right!) On the other hand, I think he’s very clear and creative. He can’t be accused of publishing too much, or saying the same basic things in all of his books.

    His interpretation of Kant, most in evidence in The Resurrection of Theism, is subtle and needs to be studied with care.


  2. Rich Davis says:

    I really enjoyed this interview, Doug, especially your reflections on miracles in non-Christian religions. I hadn’t thought to ask whether, say, a Hindu can even *account* for miracles on his worldview.

    I also appreciated your recognizing Stuart Hackett. Not many do that. He’s to be one of the most underrated Christian philosophers around. I’ve often wondered why that is. Is it his complex prose style, do you think?


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