Mophie Has Improved My Relationship with My iPhone

Much as I’ve enjoyed using my iPhone for the past 18 months, the comparatively brief battery life has often proved inconvenient for me. I use my phone enough to require a re-charge every night. And there are days, especially when I’m traveling, that require an additional boost before the end of the day. Sometimes it’s enough to use the car adapter while driving. But that’s a slower process and not always what’s really needed. And when I’m hoofing it, using the car adapter is not an option.

I recently returned from a two-week speaking tour that took me to Pittsburgh, Puebla Mexico, and Atlanta. In preparation for my trip, I researched technology that extends the life of an iPhone battery between charges. Thankfully, I discovered the Mophie.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery for iPhone is pretty slick. It comes in two parts that slide onto the ends of the iPhone. The bottom portion plugs into the iPhone’s power port and has a small, inconspicuous on-off switch. The Mophie provides protection for the iPhone while supplementing the iPhone’s battery with an additional battery. If the Mophie switch is on, its battery is used first. If the switch is off, the iPhone battery is used in the usual way. When the iPhone battery runs low, switching the Mophie to on begins recharging the iPhone. The phone works during the charging process. And it’s easy to tell how much charge is left in the Mophie battery, since an indicator lights up on the back when a small button, flush with the case, is pressed.

The Mophie never has to be removed from the iPhone. Both can be charged at the same time, using either the outlet cord or the USB cord to your laptop.

I was initially reluctant to buy this gizmo because of its price of about $80. Having used the Mophie for two weeks while traveling nationally and internationally, I’m happy to say that I have no regrets. Throughout my journey, I was relieved to have the additional battery life, and to know that it would last me to the end of a long day of frequent use.

If you think this might be the solution to your own needs for extended battery life on your iPhone, I encourage you to check it out at Amazon here.


There’s an excellent review of the Mophie at iPhone Spies.

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