Superbowl Sunday or Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday Anniversary?

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

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Both, of course.

People today are obsessed, as always, with the Superbowl. But many will remember Ronald Reagan on this, his 100th, birthday. I returned home from church this morning just in time to watch and hear the 21-gun salute to our 40th president.

The remarkable ceremony honoring his memory at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library continues as I write this post. Nancy Reagan has greeted the audience of distinguished guests, and actor Gary Sinise has given a brief and moving tribute. James Baker, Reagan’s Chief of Staff during his presidency, has just now been introduced as the main speaker of the event.

How will you remember Reagan today?

There are many ways that you might remember the man, all of which will leave you feeling personally inspired. Read a biography, sift through his influential speeches, watch one of the movies in which he starred, view a documentary of his life and administration, pore over fotos of Reagan from different periods of his life, Google quotations for which he is well-known, find and watch a re-play of today’s tribute to Reagan that is now being broadcast from Simi Valley, CA.

Movies to see:



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5 Responses to Superbowl Sunday or Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday Anniversary?

  1. ttt says:

    Good article. I think the 2012 election is going to make or break us. Personally I’m a fan of Ron Paul and I think his policies would take care of this right here. I’ve done quite a bit of thinking about it and even some blogging here


  2. Our nation needs a president like Ronald Reagan in the White House today.


  3. Alex says:

    Apparently one of the chief inspirations for Reagan as he was deciding to enter politics was the witness of Whittiker Chambers, the much maligned, wrongly ignored, and heroic witness of the evils of communism. It was Chamber’s willingness to draw the line between good and evil that inspired Reagan. To call evil what is evil in a culture that candy coats it to avoid its disturbing presence, or hides the grotesque in its hygiene, is to invite the attacks of enemies, seen and unseen. And Reagan showed us that a little bravery mixed with justice goes a long way in stemming the tide of evil. May he rest in peace.


  4. dwhitsett says:

    Today, Reagan seems to be an almost sacred figure quoted by pundits from the whole political spectrum. I am reading Bush’s DECISION POINTS and it is amazing how he was (and is) vilified, just like Reagan was in his day. Will history be as kind to him?


  5. Ben Hoffman says:

    [How will you remember Reagan today?]

    I blogged about him. 🙂


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