Doug Tweeting the Republican Debate Tonight

Sand Sculpture in Myrtle Beach, Site of Tonight's Debate

The next Republican presidential debate is hosted by Fox News tonight in South Carolina (9:00 p.m. eastern time). Doug will be posting his comments on Twitter as the debate unfolds, and sometimes responding to others “tweeting” the debate (e.g., Dick Morris).

This debate will feature “only” five candidates, now that Jon Huntsman has withdrawn.

Follow along here.

Poll: Is a Mitt Romney Nomination Inevitable?

Some believe that Mitt Romney’s nomination by the Republican party is inevitable, or, for those who hedge their bets ever so slightly, “all but inevitable.” Romney, who knows better than to believe it, hopes they’re right.

“Inevitability” is a state of mind. Getting people to think a Romney nomination is inevitable is a way to ensure that Romney is nominated. That’s the power of perception.

What do you think today, with another debate to happen in less than three hours and the South Carolina primary five days from now? Take this simple poll, and feel free to leave a comment!

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