Poll: Is a Mitt Romney Nomination Inevitable?

Some believe that Mitt Romney’s nomination by the Republican party is inevitable, or, for those who hedge their bets ever so slightly, “all but inevitable.” Romney, who knows better than to believe it, hopes they’re right.

“Inevitability” is a state of mind. Getting people to think a Romney nomination is inevitable is a way to ensure that Romney is nominated. That’s the power of perception.

What do you think today, with another debate to happen in less than three hours and the South Carolina primary five days from now? Take this simple poll, and feel free to leave a comment!

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4 Responses to Poll: Is a Mitt Romney Nomination Inevitable?

  1. Doug Geivett says:

    Hi Isaac,

    If Mitt Romney wins the election, it’s conceivable that he will lose to Obama without out help. Whether the establishment Republicans will learn anything from it is anybody’s guess. Rumors of an emerging third party may have some merit. We live in interesting days, and I consider it a privilege and a responsibility, come what may.


  2. David Knight says:

    @ Issac Carpenter

    You said: I think this is primarily evidence of a growing gulf between establishment Republicans who hold some sort of power (be it political or power in the media) and your average conservative.

    I think that the power you speak of is called power elitism. The Washington establishment (comprising of both Republicans and Democrats) believes that true Conservatism if allowed to filter through government policy would be dangerous. To be sure, it would be, because It would be dangerous to their current grip on the power structures in Washington. True conservatism requires that the power currently being consumed at an ever increasing rate by the Washington elite, be transferred back to the people where our forefathers left it. There are also too many bureaucrats in Washington who are fed from the trough of bloated government, and these people are not about to see that trough go dry if they can help it.

    If Conservatives are to change the game, I’m afraid that we’ll have to do it by showing the Republican power elite that without us Conservatives they will no longer win elections. The only way to do that is to let Romney loose in November. Yes, it means four more years of Obama (a frightening thought i’ll admit), but if Republicans win both houses as they did in 1994, Obama is a lame duck president beginning on November 7, 2012. We have to think long term, to 2014, and we have to let the power elite know that the real power belongs to Conservatives and the people. If we don’t stop the power elite now, it will never stop. We’ll continue to get the moderate George H.W. Bush’s, Bob Dole’s, George W. Bush’s, John McCain’s, and Mitt Romney’s of the world, and I for one am sick of it.


  3. David Knight says:

    Love him or dislike him, you have to admit, Mitt Romney has been consistent throughout this campaign. While all the other candidates have, one by one, emploded right before our eyes, Romney has looked and acted like our next president.

    The other candidates have played the fool. Newt “nasty” Gingrich is the smartest guy in the room, but his arrogance turns people off. I recently removed the Newt 2012 bumber stickers from my vehicle because I can’t stand the guy anymore. Furthermore, I’m no longer convenced that he’s really the small government conservative that he wants us to believe that he is. Rick “blunder” Perry can’t open his mouth without someting stupid or despicable falling out. And Ron Paul, what can be said about this space cadet that hasn’t already been said. Everytime I see this guy I can hear David Bowie singing “Space Oddity”. Last, we have Rick Santorum. If any remaining conservative could beat our Marxist president, Barack Hussein Obama, it is Santorum. The problem is that he has no money, and next to no national organization; and now it’s too late in the game for him to put a national organization together.

    More could but why bother. I’m as disappointed as anyone by this race. Romney is a big government establishment Republican who will do little to change Washington, if he gets there. I’m not all that convinced that he’ll beat Obama, but if he does, I think we can count on him to pull the economy out of the mire, but not much else. After the economy, I think the rest of government will stay status quo or move more toward what Mark Levin calls “Ameritopia” in his new book by that title.


  4. Isaac Carpenter says:

    I agree. The Romney inevitability factor has been going on for months now. And like anything else, if you repeat something to people for long enough, many will tend to believe it. I think we also should consider that the Republican establishment and particularly Fox News are colluding (or at least working toward the same end without collusion) for the establishment candidate. Other media outlets, I assume, want Obama to win, regardless of who the nominee is, although I would say there has been some major help in eliminating various choices through repetition (cf. Herman Cain’s “debacles”). I think this is primarily evidence of a growing gulf between establishment Republicans who hold some sort of power (be it political or power in the media) and your average conservative. Your average conservative lives life much more conservatively than those Republicans in power. I’m becoming more convinced that there is going to be an eventual split in the Republican power over this more moderate tendency. I’m a Gingrich “fan” myself (at least he would be my top choice at the present time) and we see several attempts in the media to treat Gingrich and Romney different when performing the same acts. For example, the attack ads and how they were portrayed in the media. Romney’s attack ads were only questioned because Gingrich was the first to question them. Gingrich’s attack ads were not only questioned in every media outlet, but were treated with derision, when Romney was the one to draw first blood (as John Rambo would say).


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