Reviews of “God’s Super-Apostles” and “A New Apostolic Reformation?”

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Brian T. Dempsey

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Both books, God’s Super-Apostles and A New Apostolic Reformation? can be ordered at Amazon here and here, or direct from the publisher here.

Does Islam Have a Monopoly on Violent Religous Intolerance?

The western world is still trying to make sense of the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris on January 7, 2015. Four days later, in his Forbes column, Doug Bandow offered a unique analysis. He makes an interesting and persuasive argument that there is much more at stake than free speech. What lies at the root of this incident, reflected time and again in one atrocity after another, is religious persecution meted out against dissenters.

Here is one especially thought-worthy paragraph:

The thugs who cut down a dozen [people at] Charlie Hebdo are the international cousins of those who murder alleged blasphemers and apostates in Muslim nations. Laws against blasphemy once were common in the West, and persist in a few nations—some, ironically, represented by government leaders who marched in Paris—and even a couple of American states, but are rarely used. However, blasphemy laws are actively enforced throughout the Muslim world. The irony is that where Islam is strongest, with belief by overwhelming popular majorities and support from authoritarian state authorities, the slightest perceived criticism of the dominant faith can result in prison or death. That suggests lack of confidence in the truth of Islam and fear of free inquiry by free minds.

The last two sentences draw attention to a neglected point. Would a religious group that is secure in its beliefs be as hypersensitive as those who murder alleged blasphemers?

I would add that such horrific actions—which are a daily occurrence somewhere in the world—are rooted in a worldview, a set of controlling beliefs that are either true or false. Our public discussion needs to acknowledge this point. There has been plenty of talk about whether Islam is a “peaceful religion” that has been hijacked by militant apostates (notice, they aren’t generally called “apostates” even by moderate Muslim leaders). But this distracts from three more fundamental questions:

  1. Peaceful or not, is Islam true?
  2. Are there are good reasons to believe that Islam is true?
  3. What are the best reasons to believe that Islam offers the most plausible worldview?

The atrocities we’re witnessing should prompt us to give more attention to this question.

Assemblies of God Ministers Newsletter Reviews God’s Super-Apostles

In the January 2015 issue of the Assemblies of God Ministers Newsletter, George Paul Wood urges his Pentecostal friends and co-workers to read our books God’s Super-ApostlesNAR Book Cover-101 final (6-6-14)  and A New Apostolic Reformation? A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement. HisNAR Book Cover-Final-201 review begins on page 6. In addition to summarizing the message of the books and explaining his view of their importance for Pentecostalism worldwide, Wood presents his own summary of the central tenets of the New Apostolic Reformation.

What, then, is the New Apostolic Reformation? Its most distinctive teaching is that the end-times church must be led by apostles and prophets. In addition . . ., NAR promotes strategic-level spiritual warfare, apostolic unity, and the ability of all Christians to work miracles.

Wood notes that the Assemblies of God position paper “Apostles and Prophets” expresses concern about NAR emphases. To be sure, leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation very clearly have moved beyond classic Pentecostalism. Wood aptly refers to NAR leaders as “hypercharismatics.” As a Pentecostal leader himself, he implores fellow Pentecostals to resist  the excesses of the NAR movement, and to recognize how distant this movement is from the core commitments of classic Pentecostalism.


*The Assemblies of God Ministers Newsletter is circulated to some 36,000 credentialed ministers of the AG church.

Tim Challies Reviews “God’s Super-Apostles”

Tim Challies, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario, reviews God’s Super-Apostles, our recent book assessing the New Apostolic Reformation.

His review article begins . . .NAR Book Cover-101 final (6-6-14)

I didn’t actually intend to review this book. It showed up at my door and a brief glance turned into a quick skim turned into a full read turned into a review. As a committed reader always looking for something new and interesting, I just love it when that happens.

Tim, we just love when that happens!

Thank you for helping to expose the excesses of the New Apostolic Reformation. It’s clear from the comments your review has already gleaned that many of your readers have encountered the NAR movement and its extraordinary claims.


The Tim Challies review has been translated into Thai. Read here.


Both books, God’s Super-Apostles and A New Apostolic Reformation? can be ordered at Amazon here and here, or direct from the publisher here.


Geivett Post-Christmas Tree-Jan. 2015

Geivett Post-Christmas Tree


My Interview with Janet Mefferd about the New Apostolic Reformation

Today I’ll be on the Janet Mefferd Show to be interviewed about my new book, co-authored with Holly Pivec, A New Apostolic Reformation? A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement. The Show airs live at 3 pm Central. Go to for the live broadcast, or listen to the interview at your leisure in the audio archives.

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