NEW Amazon Giveaway for God’s Super-Apostles

Yesterday an Amazon Giveaway for God’s Super-Apostles was announced here. Apparently, the interest was great enough for the contest to end within a few hours. The publisher is now sponsoring a NEW Giveaway that should take longer to expire. Everything depends on the number of people who enter the contest. To participate, click here.

NAR Book Cover-101 final (6-6-14)


An Enigma

Atheism. Narcissism. Genius. Machine. Consciousness. Deception. Homosexuality. Hormonal therapy. Heroism. Suicide.

Amazon Giveaway for God’s Super-Apostles—UPDATE

Due to popular demand, the contest described below ended within a few hours. A new contest that should last longer is now in effect. For details click on this link.


I’m pleased to announce that our book God’s Super-Apostles is doing well and is addressing readers’ needs. Our two books, including A New Apostolic Reformation?, are in their second printing, and a third will be happening soon.

Today is the first day of an Amazon Giveaway contest for God’s Super-Apostles that ends March 16. You can enter the contest by clicking here for details at Amazon. If you’ve already purchased your copy, this will make a great gift for a concerned friend.

NAR Book Cover-101 final (6-6-14)

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