Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Service Manual

At the Triumph Motorcycle Rat Forum there’s a thread discussing the possibility of purchasing a service manual for the Triumph Thunderbird 1600. While those who have purchased the manual say they’re glad they did, even at a cost of $45-$138. But there’s a better option: a downloadable PDF file of the manual that Triumph Thunderbird med 1600 Twin(a) costs nothing, (b) is searchable, (c) can be saved to any computer or iOS device, and (4) can be printed, in whole or in part, as needed. Does it really get any better than that?

I went looking for the manual in order to troubleshoot a leak from under the fuel tank. The PDF file includes everything needed for this, including a detailed step-wise description and a series of parts diagrams. (It even notes the placement of the fuel tank support tool—part no. T3880806. Alas, this tool is longer available from Triumph. Probably because it really isn’t needed.)

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One Response to Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Service Manual

  1. Howard says:

    Did the Manual say anything about dropping a lighted match into the fuel tank to remove excess fuel before safely continuing fuel tank repairs?


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