New Apostolic Reformation: Interview with Pirate Radio

My co-author, Holly Pivec, was interviewed recently on Pirate Christian Radio about the New Apostolic Reformation and the two books we’ve written. You can hear the broadcast,

Holly Pivec

Holly Pivec

hosted by Chris Rosebrough, here.  For the books, see A New Apostolic Reformation here and God’s Super-Apostles here.

Interest has been high, as illustrated by the number of listener comments and likes on their Facebook page here. We’ve also seen a significant uptick in “Best Sellers Rank” on Amazon.

Holly and I have written a Study Guide for God’s Super-Apostles that will be published as a convenient e-book for personal use and group discussion. Stay tuned for details.


Holly blogs about the New Apostolic Reformation here.

Doug and Holly Book Recommended on Stand to Reason

On his radio show “Stand to Reason,” Greg Koukl recently took a call from a 14-year-old young man from Washington state. David had just listened to an interview I did with Greg a year or so ago. He called in to talk about the New Apostolic Reformation. David wanted counsel about how to approach a friend who has been drawn to the movement through the work of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. They talk for ten minutes at the end of the show, beginning at minute 00:46. If you’re interested in the discussion, click here.NAR Book Cover-101 final (6-6-14)

In his conversation with David, Greg recommends the book I wrote with Holly Pivec, God’s Super-Apostles: Encountering the Worldwide Prophets and Apostles Movement. He encourages David to see if his friend will go through it with him.

You may know someone who has been lured into the network of contemporary prophets and apostles. Or you may have some other interest in learning more. Have a listen to the interview, then get the book God’s Super-Apostles. It gives you all the basic information you need to understand this movement and make a reasonable assessment of its claims. If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth, the book to get is A New Apostolic Reformation? A Biblical Response to a Worldwide Movement.

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