Bedside Books—The Stuff I Don’t Have to Read

The books listed here are arranged in reverse chronological order for the dates when I began reading them. I include author and title, with a link to for those who care to have more information. In parentheses I’ve added a phrase or two to indicate category of literature or topic, and the date of completion, if relevant. Posting a date of completion is difficult and not so relevant for books of reference, poetry, short fiction, and so forth. Some books I read on a given day, or for a period of days, without reading through to the end, because my reading goals don’t require it. This is often the case with nonfiction. With fiction, my interest sometimes peters out before the book does. But I try to be very selective about the fiction I start into, to minimize the chance of that happening. I don’t review items here. I often post individual reviews, comments, and study guides elsewhere on this blog. The place to find these is under the post categories Reading Jags and Discussion Guides.

24 November 2009

21 November 2009

19 November 2009

12 November 2009

17 October 2009

13 November 2009

26 July 2009

14 February 2009

13 February 2009

7 February 2009

  • Joyce Porter, Dover One (mystery fiction—finished 13 February 2009) 4 stars

27 January 2009

  • Robert Harris, Fatherland (counterfactual historical fiction—finished 7 February 2009) 5 stars

24 January 2009

  • John Dewey, How We Think (1910; critical thinking, education) 4 stars

23 January 2009

  • Robert Harris, The Ghost (mystery/thriller—finished 25 January 2009) 5 stars

7 January 2009

27 December 2008

14 September 2008

7 September 2008

6 September 2008

13 April 2007

  • Caleb Carr, The Alienist (historical suspense fiction—finished 4 June 2007) 5 stars

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