Averaging 95,000 Visits Per Year—Thanks to You!

This is my 394th post.

Thanks to you, this blog has enjoyed an average of 95,000 visits each year since its beginning three years ago. Each consecutive year has seen more visits than the year before.

Upward and Onward!

I want to thank you for your interest. Without readers there wouldn’t be much point in blogging. Currently, there 22 readers subscribe to this blog. May I encourage you to subscribe, if you don’t already?

In addition to reading, you’ve left an average of 553 comments per year. Bloggers crave comments, and I’ve encouraged this. But I believe we can do better. I’ll keep striving to learn how to better to inspire you to share your thoughts, offer suggestions, and leave questions for discussion. I respond to nearly every comment.

With the new look I’ve adopted for this blog, I’m looking forward to the year ahead. Again, thanks for joining me on this journey!

Thank You, Readers!

Thanks to you, readers, my blog has had over 140,000 views as of today. Your many comments have helped shape things here.

The busiest day of the year was April 6, with over 2000 views. That was for my commentary on the Craig vs. Hitchens debate on the existence of God. That post continues to be visited daily, and has garnered the most comments.

Far exceeding my expectations, the “Jason Bourne vs. James Bond” post has eclipsed many of my posts in popularity. It, too, is viewed daily.

My series of writing tips on “The Moleskine Method” is the most viewed of posts added in the last few weeks. Another daily read.

Some of you I’ve known for years. Others I’ve met here for the first time. And some I’ve encountered during my travels for speaking.

For each reader who subscribes to have email notification for every post, or who has an RSS feed from my blog, I’m most profoundly grateful.

Finally, I want to thank each of you who have added this blog to your blogroll, and to all who have posted comments on your blogs, sending me so many new visitors. You guys are great!

Merry Christmas!

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