Geivett Post-Christmas Tree-Jan. 2015

Geivett Post-Christmas Tree


Christmas Challenge

Today is Christmas. I have a Christmas challenge for you. Whoever you are, I urge you to read a succinct summary of the central role Jesus is supposed to play in God’s plan for the salvation of humanity.

Please, don’t click away from this post without reading to the end. Surely you can spare a few minutes for this. It is, after all, Christmas Day.

This challenge doesn’t assume that you’re a Christian, that you believe in Jesus, or that you have any religion whatsoever. But any reasonable evaluation of Christianity presupposes a knowledge of the basic outline of what a true disciple of Jesus believes to be the only hope for this world.

To accept this Christmas challenge, please click on this link to a brief PDF file: God’s Plan of Salvation

I’ll be happy to receive any comments or questions you have after reading this. Unless you wish to have them published on this post, your comments will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Note: I have taken this challenge myself today and found it truly rewarding. It’s attributed to Mark Dever, and appears as an explanatory essay in the study version of the English Standard Bible, published by Crossway Books.

More Christmas Reading

In my recent post “‘Tis the Season for Christmas Reading,” I included titles to consider in the days leading up to Christmas. But there are many more to know about.

One I should have included comes from the category of fantasy, by one of fantasy fictions greatest practitioners, J. R. R. Tolkien. For twenty years Tolkien wrote and illustrated letters from Father Christmas, delivered from the North Pole to his own children. So here is my entry for best fantasy fiction for this year: Letters from Father Christmas, by J. R. R. Tolkien (in hardback or paperback). You may be inspired to write your own letters from Santa or Father Christmas to children (your own, or someone else’s).

The rest of this post will be updated as I’m able, with More Christmas Reading:

Fantasy Fiction

General Fiction

Humorous Fiction

Hymns and Carols


Mystery & Suspense

Non-fiction—Social Commentary



Note: Though I’ve been careful in selecting these titles, I haven’t read all of them myself.

Original Post: ‘Tis the Season for Christmas Reading

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Christmas Quote—Do You Know What You Want for Christmas?

“There are things you don’t ask for because you know you can’t have them, and then there are things so far outside the realm of possibility, it would never even occur to you to want them.”

—Fred to Lauren, in the short story “Miracle,” by Connie Willis

‘Tis the Season for Christmas Reading

There’s so much great Christmas-related fiction that you have to start January 1 to get it all in before Christmas. But the best time to dive into Christmas stories, large and small, is during the Christmas “season.” That starts earlier for some people than others. But within ten days of December 25 you should be into the spirit of things. Some good reading can help.

Here are a few tips, including some suggested reading: Read more of this post

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