What is it about them philosophers?

Voltaire and Diderot at the Cafe Procope

Do philosophers today

know what they say;

or do they conspire

to make us tire

of frumpery and fog,

to feel like a cog

and slip a gear

from some primal fear

that every word

is genuinely dear

—or simply absurd?


Polling Today’s Philosophers about What They Believe

Want to know what today’s philosophers believe? Anthony Gottlieb reports results of a poll taken by Australian philosopher David Chalmers. The Chalmers poll probes philosophers’ beliefs about Read more of this post

Arthur Schopenhauer’s Penchant for Animals


Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

I don’t know whether Arthur Schopenhauer liked animals, but he sure did talk about them a lot. And what he had to say makes you wonder if he wasn’t Plato come back as a 19th-century zoologist pretending to be a philosopher.

If his philosophical theory is right, he really had no choice.


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