Geivett Glossary

What follows is a glossary of terms invented by Doug Geivett and used on his blog. The ostensible aim of invention is greater clarity in the communication of ideas, which sometimes requires the labeling of an idea whose identity has not otherwise been so conveniently established. The list begins with a few entries, and will, conceivably, grow as the occasion arises for adding new terms. Some terms are single words; others are phrases. Entries are arranged alphabetically.

BlogLogic, any form of fallacious reasoning deployed by a blogger in support of a conclusion

technoverture, the kind of delectable overture made by the introduction of a new technology in a technology-saturated society

Copyright © 2008 by Doug Geivett

2 Responses to Geivett Glossary

  1. Doug Geivett says:

    Sorry, Nathan. I missed it.


  2. Nathan Alonso says:

    Hey Doug if you have the opportunity right now is the debate of the “ciudad de las ideas 2011”


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