In Defense of Miracles Reviewed

Albert McIlhenny briefly reviews my book In Defense of Miracles here, and gives it a strong recommendation. Thank you, Albert!

Doug’s other posts on the subject of miracles:

About Doug Geivett
University Professor; PhD in philosophy; author; conference speaker. Hobbies include motorcycling, travel, kayaking, sailing.

3 Responses to In Defense of Miracles Reviewed

  1. daniel marsh says:

    Thanks for your ongoing prayers Doug.



  2. Doug Geivett says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I’m pleased to know of your interest in my book. I’m afraid I’m unable to send you a copy free of charge. I am unable to obtain copies of this book without paying for it myself, and I simply cannot accommodate requests of this kind.

    Best wishes to you,



  3. daniel marsh says:

    Daniel Marsh
    6539 Linville drive
    Brighton, MI 48116-9531 USA

    Dear Doug Geivett, I enjoy studying apologetics. However, I am unemployed due to unpaid care giving towards seniors in our family and due to poor health — cancer, degenerative bone disease. May I have a copy of your book, In Defense of Miracles, free of charge, please.

    May God Richly Bless You


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